Ragasco Composite LPG Gas Bottle




Product type: Gas Bottle

Vendor: Ragasco

Tags: boat access



Composite Gas Tanks - Lightweight, Safe & NO RUST! 

The Sprint Gas line of composite LPG cylinders is designed as the modern alternative to the traditional steel cylinders. Suitable for a variety of applications, both industrial and for home-users and recreational activities, this superior cylinder is made from advanced polymeric and composite materials combining uncompromising safety, quality, design and innovation into the future standard for gas containment.

Latest Technology

Sprint Gas presents a breakthrough in LPG cylinder design. Made using advanced technology, our translucent composite cylinder allows you to see the level of gas in the bottle.

Lightweight and Ergonomic

The unique composite construction makes our cylinders lighter and easier to handle. When empty, the cylinder weighs about 50% less than the comparable size metal cylinder.

Visible Gas Level

The translucent feature enables the user to see the gas level through the wall of the tank, therefore removing the risk of unexpectedly running out of gas.

Non Corrosive

The composite materials do not corrode therefore the cylinder will not leave rust stains in your vehicle, boat or on the patio.


Extensive testing by independent laboratories and fire authorities have shown that the cylinder involved in fire will react with a controlled burnout 

The tanks are made in 3 layers.

  • Layer 1: The blow-moulded liner (HDPE) is the seamless gas barrier layer with a boss for mounting the valve onto the cylinder. The boss is made of injection-moulded HDPE with a brass insert.
  • Layer 2: This composite load-carrying material is filament-wound fibre-glass and resin which has a tremendous capacity to withstand pressure. An advanced curing process ensures the translucent feature.
  • Layer 3: The distinctively designed, injection-moulded outer casing protects the pressure vessel and valve. The ergonomic handles allow easy lifting and is designed for stacking.