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Berkley Powerbait T-Tail Minnow | Soft Plastic Fishing Lures

Do you have trouble in luring fish and hardly ever get any catches? The Berkley Powerbait T-Tail Minnow is what you need to make fishing easy and convenient! Available in several attractive colours to choose from when ordering from our online fishing store, the Berkley Powerbait T-Tail Minnow will entice fish of all sorts particularly in lakes, bays, harbours and estuaries.

As the name implies, the tail end of this bait has a T shape. The unique shape along with a tight vibrating action, ensure that fish stay on the bait much longer! The front end is flat so which makes it easy to attach the bait to a jig head. With a design that is suitable especially with Nitro jigs in mind, the Berkley Powerbait T-Tail Minnow can be used for targeting several fishes such as trophy trout, Australian bass, bream, whiting, flathead redfin and more.

Berkley Powerbait T-Tail Minnow is a good choice for dropshotting. No matter how great or little the current s in the water, the bait will come to life with just a slight twitch.

All Berkley’s Powerbait products have a unique scent and flavour of their own which appeal to the fish and compel them to take a bite. This incredible soft plastic bait sure has the power to drive the fish crazy!

Features And Specifications

♦   Length: 2.5 inches

♦   Qty Packet contains: 12x T Tail Minnow Lures

♦   Exclusive flavour and scent which entices a wide variety of fish

♦   Realistic appearance and design

♦   High action vibrating T-shaped tail

♦   Fish take a bite and usually hold on longer compared to some other standard plastic baits!

♦   Perfect choice for finesse fishing in rivers, lakes and more.

♦   Target Species: Trout, Australian bass, bream, whiting, perch, flathead, redfin just to name the most common.



♦   With its unique yet realistic design, the Berkley Powerbait T-Tail Minnow attracts fish of several types such as trout, bass, flathead and bream.

♦   The Berkley Powerbait T-Tail Minnow has a unique T shaped tail which offers a realistic swimming action in all sort of fishing conditions.

♦   Berkley Powerbait T-Tail Minnow features a unique smell and colour which fish love.

♦   This bait is lightweight and can be easily hooked to a fishing rod.