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The Okuma Azores Spinning Reels take saltwater fishing to a whole new level. Incorporating pioneering technology and features, they are renowned for the superior fishing experience they provide, together with their exceptional robustness and durability.

The design of the Okuma Azores Fishing Reels is built with emphasis on advanced performance and strength. An Okuma Azores reel is specially designed for saltwater fishing and they have special features including a sleek die-cast aluminum body which prevents corrosion and stops the flow of electrolysis. They also have beautifully a designed rotor and side plate, machined cut pinion gears, a 6 mm spool shaft made out of stainless steel and an 8 mm spool shaft sleeve made out of forged brass.

Azores reels also feature the extraordinary Okuma Dual Force Drag system that generates around 14-24kg of drag pressure depending on the model you choose. The Okuma Dual Force Drag system makes use of a conventional top drag stack that is joined with an extra-large carbonite drag washer underneath the spool, which helps in increasing high end drag output and spool stability, making the fishing reel perfect for a variety of heavy tackle conditions during saltwater fishing.

Moreover, The Okuma Azores Spinning Reels come with the Okuma's Mechanical Stabilization System which is formed out of carbon compound. This augments the strength of the frame and preserves the placement of the interior parts of the fishing reel.